Alexa Skorus-Neely,

I am a Junior at Canyon High School, where I'm preparing for college as a pre-med student. I've pursued a wide variety of activities outside of school, but I focus most of my energy on competitive swimming.

My Resume

My key accomplishments in swimming include:
You can view my swim pictures and videos: See my profile on


Time for hobbies are limited, since I spend 20 hrs per week at swim practice with
Canyons Aquatics Club. I've recently taken up photography, which allows me to capture memories with my friends.
I've enjoyed a number of other sports, including karate, dance, showing dogs & horseback riding, but I've chosen to focus on swimming since age 12.

Favorite Links

My favorite sites on the internet include:

See the Skorus-Neely Family Tree for more information about my family.